Want to Buy Instagram Followers? This is What Happens When You Buy them

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We have seen many individuals selling instagram followers, facebook likes and youtubeviews. Hence we at Weboholic decided to write to today`s blog on this topic.
You could grow your Instagram following in the right manner, way—crafting a thoughtful strategy, setting up smart and achievable goals, creating and sharing great content, and engaging your audience. Or you could take the quick and easy path and join the dark side of Instagram marketing.
You could buy Instagram followers.

We created a testing account to test that tactic to find out whether or not it’s worth it (spoiler alert: it is totally, if you desire a fan following of spambots peddling softcore porn). Jump ahead to the results of our experiment or continue reading to learn about the “why” and “how” of buying Instagram followers.

Why buy Instagram followers?
Brands, celebrities, influencers, and even politicians have been known to increase their social media stats by adding fake followers.
Why do they do it?
It’s about perception. The number of followers is something that many brands, celebrities, influencers,politicians look at when building up or incrementing an account to follow and it’s a common metric that brands use to measure their own Instagram efforts.
If you’re thinking about buying Instagram followers or facebook likes or youtube views/subscribers, it might be because you’re looking for a quick thousand followers to get the campaign started, hoping that will encourage real people to check out your brand. Quality over quantity is a nice sentiment, but the actual scenario, many people judge an Instagram account by the stats.
Also, buying Instagram followers is cheap and easy to do, as you’re about to learn.
How buying Instagram followers works
It can be quite cheap, with many individuals/companies charging around $3 USD for every 100 followers. But you get what you pay for. In most cases that’s bots and zombie accounts (inactive accounts that have been taken over by bots).
There are also more high-end options that charge upwards of $1,000 for 10,000 followers. Those services maintain active accounts that will interact with your own.
Some tools will follow users on your behalf in the hopes that they return the favor. You’ll be asked what kind of accounts you want to follow based on things such as location, hashtag usage, similar accounts, and gender. Then after a predetermined time the bot unfollows anyone that didn’t follow you back.
The Instagram follower tool we experimented with didn’t do any of that. In fact, our dummy account has never followed anyone—bot or real user.
What happened when we decided to buy Instagram followers
We opted for a tool that promised 1,000 “quality” followers for $9.95 USD.
To link the account we simply had to input our username, @xyz, and made payment.
We hit the “Get Followers Now” button and opened the Instagram app to track the results.
Almost immediately our audience grew from zero to 12 followers, and every time we refreshed the app after that we had a few more.
Two hours later we had 412 new followers. At this point we decided to post a photo to see how engaged our followers were.The results matched our expectations—which were zero. We didn’t get one Like or comment.
We surpassed 1,000 followers by morning the next day, but our post still had no kind of engagement of any kind. Even months later, not a single follower has given us a double-tap.
Buy Instagram Followers
So who are these mysterious followers who followed us so fast?
A bizarre mix of accounts with no posts at all, and more than a few bots peddling webcam porn. Not a great audience for your brand or product to associate itself with. The one thing that did surprise us is that the follower tally has more or less held around 1,000, give or take 50 depending on the week.
Buy instagram followers
Once x number of followers disappear—assuming accounts are deactivated—the tool boots up and replenishes the supply. But the quality of followers never improves.
This was counter to the results we got with Instagram automation. In that test we lost half of our new followers after only one week.
So if all you care about is a robust followers-to-following ratio, then these kinds of tools will do the trick. But there are drawbacks to buying followers besides a complete lack of engagement.
Why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers
You get what you buy: a number. These followers will never like any of your posts and they won’t leave any comments. What’s more, you run the risk of getting caught. Even if you have legitimate fans, anyone taking a close look at your follower list might spot a stretch of fake and inactive accounts.
When you take the easy way you put your brand integrity at risk. If you buy Instagram followers and your real customers find out, can you expect them to trust you?
Imagine the shoe was on the other foot. You hire a social influencer to help promote one of your business’ products. After not seeing any results, you take a closer look at the influencer’s profile and discover the majority of what you thought were dedicated fans are really bots. Would you ever want to work with that person again?
Of course not.
What’s more valuable to your brand: having 10,000,000 fake followers or 100 real followers who comment on your posts and potentially share them with their own networks?
There are more important things to track than the number of followers you have. Click-throughs and engagement (Likes and comments) are two big ones.
One way to measure engagement is by calculating your engagement rate. Take the number of Likes and comments your posts receive for a specific reporting period, your last 10 posts, for example. Then divide that by the number of followers. Multiply that number by 100 and you’ll have your engagement rate.
Here’s that formula again:
number of Likes + number of comments / number of followers x 100 = engagement rate
That metric will serve as a legitimate health check on your Instagram strategy, letting you know if your target audience is connecting with your content.

I hope the above blog to was beneficial to you and gives you some light on how to rexeive more number of follwers on your brand`s Instagram page.

Or there is another alternative aswell,save time, get more followers by relaxing. Let Weboholic work for you. We are successfully running campaigns for many brands in the digital arena. To connect with Weboholic you can write to us at info@weboholic.in or feel to reach us out at 8879731678.

This wraps up our blog on Want to Buy Instagram Followers? This is What Happens When You Buy them . Do check out our other blogs, the links are given on the right. We would love to hear from you, please right your views on buying followers/likes/subscribers in the comment section below and do share the blog with your friends, relatives who have a social media handle or are planning to develop one.

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