5 Strategies for Getting More Likes on Facebook

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No one must have even predicted that a tiny digital blue thumbs up could become one of the most valuable commodities online? Facebook revolves around likes, so it’s no surprise that anyone with a Facebook Page wants to get more of likes.


The guide to get your facebook page more likes is here:

So, while getting more likes is a top priority to success on Facebook, getting those like to engage with your Page and generating leads  on a regular basis is equally (if not more) important.In this blog, we’ll cover five strategies that will not only guide you how to get more likes on Facebook but also how to make your Page more engaging overall.


1.Set goals:

Setting goals for how many new likes you want to gain on Facebook in a fixed time  will give you a parameter to measure your progress with. This will help you understand what’s working and what isn’t—and where to continue investing time and resources into your Facebook marketing strategy.

Calculate on average how many new likes you receive each month, and use that to set a realistic goal for the next month. Like it is said a goal without a plan is just a wish.

2. Improve your Page:

For many viewers, Facebook will be the first impression about your business online. This means that your Facebook Page,  like your website, represents the front door to your business online for both current and potential customers across the globe. Imagine you’re visiting your facebook page for the first time. Is it easy to find all the information you might be looking for? What would a potential customer have an impression about your brand by looking at your Page? In order to make a good first impression, you should constantly be updating and improvising on your  Facebook Page.

Things to do:

  • Ensure your profile picture and cover photo are high quality images that are on-brand.
  • Fill in every part of the “About” section of your Page with the most up-to-date and relevant info.


3. Increase the visibility of your Page:

This is a simple steps that deserves repetition: you won’t have much luck getting more likes on Facebook if people can’t find your Page. Here are some things you can do to increase the visibility of your Page.

Things to do:

  • Include a link to your Facebook Page in all your newsletters and make a link to the facebook page on your email signature.
  • Embed plugins such as a Like  plugin on your website.
  • Cross-promote your Facebook Page on your other social handles. Send out a Tweet letting people know you’re on Facebook, and include a link to your Page. It helps to let people know why they should like your Page, for example: “Like us on Facebook for all the latest news.”


4. Create better content:

The algorithm Facebook uses to judge which of your Page posts show up in people’s News Feeds is designed to give people what they want—and what they don’t want is overly promotional posts disguised as organic content.

As per a survey conducted by Facebook, organic posts that come across as “too promotional” have one or more of these attributes:

  1. They solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. They push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. They reuse the exact same content from ads

Avoiding these traits will help you produce content on Facebook that your fans actually want to see, and Facebook will help deliver.

Here are some more tips for creating better Facebook content.

Things to do:

  • Give the people what they desire. How do you know what type of content people want from your Facebook page? By listening to them. If the majority of the comments on your Page are customer service inquiries, try creating content that focuses on helping them use your product better.
  • Post at least one piece of Facebook-specific content per week.  pages that treat Facebook as nothing more than a publishing platform often only post links to their blog or website. While those aren’t bad practices to post on occasion, continuous promotion of your other channels isn’t going to encourage much interaction on your Facebook Page. Create content specifically for Facebook to increase the chances of engagement and give viewers a better reason to like your Page. For example, create images specifically for Facebook or cut a shorter version of a video and upload it to your Page. You can include a link to the full version on YouTube or your website in the description.


5. Be responsive and human:

If you want more users to like your Facebook Page, you better be taking good care of the ones who already do. Seeing comments or questions on a Facebook Page that has not been answered for days, weeks, or even months by a brand can be a huge deterrent for potential new fans. Reply to any and all comments, whether they’ve been left on your posts or directly on your Page.


Use the above blog to boost your chances of receiving more number of likes on your brand`s Facebok page.

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