How to Use ‘#’ Hashtags on Social Media Platforms

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Hashtags are such an important and crucial thing when it comes down to social media.The importance of an ‘#’ was defined when it was added even to the dictionaries across the globe. There was a time not so long ago when ‘#’ was sign present on our mobile`s and on our desktop`s keypads, but hardly used by anyone. But today, ‘#’ have become very essential part of social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Hashtags are one of the most favourable way to get your content discovered and noticed by millions and trillions across the globe on the social media network.Knowing how to use the hashtags correctly is one of the fundamental of to get your brand discovered and create some serious traffic or followers for your brand or product. So lets quickly get down to How to Use ‘#’ Hashtags on Social Media Platforms.

HOW TO USE  ‘#’  (DO!)

The more particular you get with the ‘#’ the more specific your target audience will be and specific target means better chance of engagements and generating business form the social media network. If you don’t have your own brand or product hashtags, find a few that really fit the photo.

Brand hashtags need not mention your brand name but instead it should represent your brand and your product or service. For example Coca Cola created the hashtag #ShareaCoke .The beverage company uses it to share photos of the drink taken by their employees and the community.Noticing pictures from regular people on the official Destination Coca Cola account quickly prompted more of their followers to embrace the hashtag and share their own photos.


The number of ‘#’ on a particular post or picture should never be more then the number of wonders used in the picture. Technically all the social media platforms have a limit of ‘#’ allowed. For example, instagram has a limit of 30 ‘#’. But trust us, you should never even come close to that number. We would recommend to use 5-7 ‘#’. These ‘#’ should be very clear and precise. Many social media users feel more the number of hashtags more the number of followers. Even if you get followers from this technique, they will not be anything by spammers.

Do not ‘#’ everything
‘#’ are basically meant to drive traffic to your social media network. To make your picture, post, comment or tweet some visibility and attention. When posting or tweeting something which does not belong to you, like a happy new year message, you should not ‘#’. But when you are sharing a service of yours or a product of your brand then you should mos definitely use the ‘#’. Please be careful while using ‘#’ because you are displaying it to the millions and trillions of the social media users.

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