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In today`s time of likes, comments, sharing, retweeting the social media platform is turning out to be the best medium to reach maximum amount of crowd or the potential clients for a business. The social media has no barriers in terms of advertising with respect to location as we can target any location for reaching out to the crowd.
Apart from this, the social media is one of the cheapest mode of growing business and building relations. So overall, social media is one the best platforms in terms of its reach and the most economical medium for advertising, branding and marketing.

There are many social media platforms available in the industry today. One should understand his company’s need and the preferred target audience and then choose which social media platform to optimise. To sum up we tried figuring out the best 4 social media platforms for a company. Those 4 companies are given below.

Twitter: Twitter turns out to be number one social media platform for any business, service or product. Reason being it has a user database of about 320 million (March, 2016). This 320 million consists of people, stars, celebrities, brands from all the countries across the globe.
Facebook: Facebook becomes the spearhead for marketing and branding for any kind of business, service or a product. This is due to highly active audience at Facebook. Facebook all turns out to be the social media with the largest number of user data base of about 1.59 billion (December, 2015).
Instagram: Instagram is the one of the leading company for providing platform for marketing through images. Instagram supports only posting images on the platform.It turns out to be the target user database platform in the image oriented platforms beating its competitors pinterest by a good margin. It has a database of 400 million users on its platform.
Google+:Google has launched its touch in the social media section by setting up google+. Using this platform in the right manner will allow you to connect to google+ users all across the globe right round the year. A survey shows there are about 2.2 billion users on google plus. This platform exposes your brand, product, company to the potential clients, investors, buyers, customer.

A research in the digital industry gives us a in-depth report of all the various advantages of social media. Covering all the advantages in a single blog or a write-up is not possible. Hence we have tried cover all the major advantages of social media in our blog. The advantages are given below:

1.Gain valuable customer insights
2.Increase brand awareness
3.Run targeted ads with real-time results
4.Increase website traffic and search ranking
5.Share content faster and easier
6.Geo target content
7.Build relationships

All the above given points are very important factors which determine the importance, the value of social media and the power of the digital media. So if your product is still not on the social media platform then who better then us, Weboholic to assist with getting your company, product or your company on the social media.
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