Top Free Seo tools of 2017

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In today`s time of websites and web application, the thing which keeps you a step ahead of your competitors in your Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation also referred as SEO is one of the most important digital marketing tools for an enterprise or product. So let us quickly get to top 5 free seo tools of 2017.

1. Google Keyword Planner-
It is the first tool for choosing up the appropriate keywords for your website. Keyword planning is the first and most important step to run a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign. The right keywords define the audience for your website and hence for business in the digital arena. Google Keyword Planner shows you the current search trend on the search engine with real time facts and data for you to choose the ideal set of keywords

2. Webmaster Tools-
It is a feature provided by google itself. Webmaster tool enables us to check a few vital stats of our website. Some of the fields that are covered by Webmaster is given below-
– Search Appearance
– Search Traffic
– Google Index
– Crawl Status

All these field define the vital signs of a website. Higher the stats, better the performance of the website on the Search Engines like google, yahoo, bing , etc.

3. Google Analytics-
As the name suggest, the tool deals with the analytics of a website. It will give you clear figures in terms of the performance of the website. The stats included in google analytics are as follows-
– Users
– Sessions
– Bounce Rate
– Session Duration
– Traffic Sources
– Demographics

4. Seo Site Checkup-
This tool enables us to check the complete website and its performance. This tool is highly recommended by us as it is really beneficial. Specially if you have just started your website then have get your website checked from it. The tool checks alot of things. A few of them are mentioned below-
– Title tags
– Meta tags
– Sitemaps
– Broken links
– Image Optimisation

5. Seoptimer-
This tool is again a site checker. Like the Seo Site Checkup, this tool thoroughly checks the health of the website in terms of Search Engine Optimisation. Gives us in depth report of the website`s health and shows us what all work has to be done on the website to make it more seo friendly.

Not many companies perform Search Engine Optimisation in the right manner and hence the results are not convincing. Although we at Weboholic listen to the client, understand the situation and then try coming up with a solution for all the marketing needs of a client.

This wraps up our blog on Top Free Seo tools of 2017. Do check out our other blogs, the links are given on the right. We would love to hear from you, please right your views on seo, on the blog in the comment section below and do share it with your friends, relatives who have a website or are planning to develop one.

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