Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles in One Hour or Less

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Social Media is the business tool of the hour. From celebrities to brands to small enterprise, everyone is on the social media now. It is the perfect platform for interaction. It helps the user interact with his or her favourite celebrity or his dream brand. From business point of view, social media could act as a catalyst for your leads if marketed in the perfect manner.
Coming to this blog, lets quickly list 5 ways to improve your social media profiles in one hour or less;

1. Make sure you’re using the right social media image sizes:
There are specific image sizes for every social media platform. Using the correct size of image enables us to portrait the right image to the viewers as the complete image is displayed. If you do not use the right image size, the complete concept or the creative is not displayed as a part of it is not displayed at all to the viewer. We have tried covering a few social media image sizes.

Standard image sizes for major social networks are as follows:

  • Facebook profile picture: 170 X 170 pixels
  • Facebook cover photo: 828 X 465 pixels
  • Twitter profile photo: 400 X 400 pixels
  • Twitter header image: 1,500 X 500 pixels
  • Google+ profile picture: 250 X 250 pixels (minimum)
  • Google+ cover photo: 1080 X 608 pixels
  • LinkedIn profile photo: 400 X 400 pixels (minimum)
  • LinkedIn custom background: 1584 X 396
  • LinkedIn cover photo: 974 X 330 pixels
  • LinkedIn banner image: 646 X 220 pixels
  • Instagram profile picture: 110 X 110 pixels
  • Pinterest profile picture: 150 X 150 pixels
  • YouTube profile picture: 800 X 800 pixels
  • YouTube cover photo: 2,560 X 1,440 pixels on desktop

2. Make your profile photos consistent across all channels:
This makes an identity for your brand and helps you to make a brand image in front of the millions and trillions of viewers on the social media platforms.That’s exactly why you should be using the same profile photo across all of your social networks. The more viewers see your brand`s logo, across different social media platforms the more likely your brand is going to be in their minds when they need your product or service.

3. Link to your other social media profiles:
No matter which social media platform, a common link we get to link is ‘website’.Most of us stop there by filling in the website and leave it there. Kindly fill in all your other social media platform handles this acts as cross promotion. Traffic from one of your social media handle can be transferred to the others. Hence cross promotion is a practice which should be incorporated no matter how small or big your brand or product is. This will benefit your brand or product big time if you are a star on a particular social media platform. For example if you 1M followers on instagram then cross promotion will get you a good number of followers on twitter.

This wraps up our blog on Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles in One Hour or Less. Do check out our other blogs, the links are given on the right. We would love to hear from you, please right your views on social media in the comment section below and do share it with your friends, relatives who have a social media handle or are planning to develop one.

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